Interventional Pulmonology

Posted On 2019-02-14 11:26:18
Interventional Pulmonology
Editors: Enguo Chen, Hiran C. Fernando, Kazuhiro Yasufuku, Luisella Righi

Publisher: AME Publishing Company; 1st edition (2019)
ISBN-13: 978-988-78920-2-1
Hardcover: 209 pages
Language: English
Available at:

Interventional pulmonology is a broad term encompassing all nonsurgical procedures relating to lung and mediastinum. It has advanced at an incredible rate over the last decade. The rapid development and complexity of new technologies require that IP physicians constantly maintain and update their skills. With this goal in mind and with an aim to share research findings and clinical solutions, this new book, Interventional Pulmonology, has gathered about 80 world-renowned experts to share the state-of-the-art research findings on IP.

The book opens with the training program of IP in USA as the demand for IP fellowship trained physicians has been increasing. Then Dr. Wai-Kit Lee and his colleagues give an overview of modern diagnostic and therapeutic interventional radiology in lung cancer, while Dr. Fu-Tsai Chung and Dr. Chun-Yu Lin present a general review on interventional bronchoscopy in diagnosis and management.It is well known that IP diagnostic capabilities including endobronchial ultrasound, flexible bronchoscopy, rigid bronchoscopy, autofluorescence bronchoscopy, electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy and pleuroscopy. Therefore, in the second section of the book, it mainly focuses on the interventional diagnostic technique. In the third section, it primarily reviews some interventional therapy techniques, such as airway stent placement, endobronchial laser photoresection, spray cryotherapy and thoracoscopy.

IP is a new and constantly evolving field that requires the physicians to perform the latest, most innovative procedures with the highest level of skill to best meet patients’ needs. We hope that this book could be such a helpful literature for the IP physicians.


Virginia R. Litle Department of Surgery, Division of Thoracic Surgery, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, USA
Christoph F. Dietrich Medical Department, Caritas-Krankenhaus Bad Mergentheim, Academic Teaching Hospital of the University of Würzburg, Würzburg, Germany; Sino- German Research Center of Ultrasound in Medicine, The First Affliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou 450000, China


Enguo Chen Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, School of Medicine, Zhejiang University, China
Hiran C. Fernando Inova Schar Cancer Institute, Inova Fairfax Medical Campus, Falls Church, VA, USA
Kazuhiro Yasufuku Division of Thoracic Surgery, Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network; University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
Luisella Righi Pathology Unit, Department of Oncology, University of Turin, San Luigi Hospital, Orbassano, Italy

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