Liquid Biopsy in Lung Cancer

Posted On 2023-07-19 10:53:16
Liquid Biopsy in Lung Cancer
Editors: Jianxing He, Rafael Rosell

Publisher: AME Publishing Company; 1st edition (2023)
ISBN: 978-988-79497-3-2
Hardcover: 421 pages
Language: English
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The book provides an overview of the multi- approaches used in clinical research and the applicability of liquid biopsy in lung cancer. It predominantly centered on the early detection and bona fide of liquid biopsy in early, surgically resected non-small-cell lung cancer. It explores all possible aspects in which liquid biopsy could be of great assistance in diagnosis and therapeutic decisions. The book also focuses on multiple aspects of circulating lung tumor cells, a field that is constantly evolving with ebullient research work, such as the ex-vivo culture of circulating lung tumor cells. Circulating free DNA is also given a special section, and finally, the section on extracellular vesicles, specifically exosomes, is particularly rewarding to read.


Jianxing He Department of Thoracic Surgery and Oncology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, China State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease & National Clinical Research Center for Respiratory Disease, Guangzhou, China
Rafael Rosell Instituto Oncológico Dr Rosell (IOR), Quirón-Dexeus University Hospital, Barcelona, Spain; Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute and Hospital (IGTP), Badalona, Spain
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