Meet the Professor: Key Opinion Leaders in Thoracic Surgery

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Meet the Professor: Key Opinion Leaders in Thoracic Surgery
Editors: May M. Li, Xinghua Cheng, Jie Dai, Yaxing Shen

Publisher: AME Publishing Company; 1st edition (2017)
ISBN-13: 978-9887784098
Hardcover: 313 pages
Language: English
Available at:
The book presents cutting-edge academic information and personal opinions through the simple and efficient new form of interview instead of academic papers. The interviews also include the experts’ views on latest technological innovation in thoracic surgery, guide update, and research progress. Leading experts of thoracic surgery use everyday language and illustrative metaphors, enabling readers to quickly grasp problems, opportunities and challenges confronting thoracic surgery.
The book is divided into three parts - “Dialogue with Masters”, “Medical Ethics”, and “International Views” – which presents opinions from dozens of foreign and domestic thoracic experts on different issues. Transcripts of the interviews in the book and attached video information are true to the opinions of each expert. The interviews cover a wide range of topics, including progression of disease, surgical techniques, personal experience, database building, clinical studies, and future development. With its richness, the book is conducive to medical students, thoracic researchers, and even renowned thoracic experts.
Table of Contents
Chapter I: Expert Discussion: Sparking off New Insights
2 Being Benevolent, Diligent and Professional is the Very Way to be an Outstanding Surgeon
5 The Application and Advances of the Tubeless VATS
7 Cooperation Between Anesthesiologists and Surgeons is Important during Tubeless VATS
9 What do we need to think about uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery?
11 The Difference in Uniportal VATS Between Europe and China
13 Exploring Different Approaches in Uniportal VATS
15 Opinions on the Disadvantages of Robotic Surgery
17 SBRT Versus Surgery in Early-stage NSCLC
19 Expert Debates in the 4th Asian Single Port VATS Symposium
22 E-Bus, Mediastinotomy or VALAM?
24 Experience in Identi cation of Peripheral Solitary Pulmonary Nodule
Chapter II: Sincerity Brings Greatness: Healing Hands Arisen from Benevolent Heart
28 The Characteristics of Lymph Node Metastases in Esophageal Cancer
32 From Sci-Fi to Reality – a Journey to Robotic Surgery
36 A Brief Talk about Spontaneous Pneumothorax
38 Something About Clinical Study
41 To Bene t the Patients: Always Telling the Truth
46 Is Removing Less Lung Tissue Really Conducive to the Quality of Life?
50 Soul-stirring Master Cup, Historical First Victory
52 Thymoma Research, an Up-and-coming Star
54 The Application of DaVinci Robot is a Tendency in the Thoracic Surgery
57 A Brave Heart is the First Step to Perform VATS
59 The Concept of Rapid Rehabilitation Promotes the Integration of Departments of Thoracic Surgery and Pneumology
64 Surgeon’s “Brain” is More Important than “Hands”
71 The Thoracic Surgery is Thirsty for Talents
73 Skating on Thin Ice; Walking on the Brink
75 Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery(VATS) Develops at a Fast Speed
77 The Study on Palmar Hyperhidrosis – Making Progress with Exploration
81 Single-port Thoracoscopic Surgery: The More Minimally Invasive, the More Effective it is?
86 Don’t Forget Your Teenage Dream, Don’t Fear of the Hurdles in Doctoral Career
89 Setting up Database on Lung Cancer in China is Imperative
92 The Forthcoming Challenges for Esophageal Cancer Surgery
96 Robot Assisted Surgery Has Two Sides
99 We Are Family! It Will Be Better!
101 My views on Precise Medical Care in surgical treatment of lung cancer
105 What we expect from da Vinci robotic surgery
111 Cultivation of Thoracic Surgeons as the Medical, Teaching and Research All-around Talent
113 The Next Generation Sequencing for Precision Medicine in Lung Cancer
115 The SOP for Lung Cancer Management
118 Perfect the Thoracoscopic Techniques, Accelerate Patients’ Recovery
120 Simple to Simplest, To Make Patients Recover Sooner and Suffer Less
122 Surgery Relieves Patients from Pain in the Most Effective Way
125 Precision Medicine as Homeopathy
129 Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (ENB) Accomplishes Precision Surgery
135 New Technology, New Media Boost Medical Development
137 Sow Today, Harvest Tomorrow: Doctors Have to Learn on a Lifelong Basis
141 Content Is What Matters
144 MDT in Thoracic Oncology, We Are on the Way
153 Thymoma Big Data: The Voice of China(ChART) is Under the Spotlight
155 Bilateral Exchange, Mutual Benefit
161 SBRT Combined Surgery May Become Future Treatment
165 Glasses-free 3D VATS May have Shorter Learning Curve
168 Perspective on VATS Treatment of Complicated Cases
171 Be Open to the New Challenge
174 You Need to Have a Strong and Firm Heart to be a Surgeon
177 Liquid Biopsy and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Are Stepping into Chinese Clinic
179 A Revolutionary Progress: Glasses-free 3D VATS
182 Patient Safety is the Most Important Concern
186 Current Situation and Development of Thoracic Surgery
189 Improve Personal Skill for Patients’ Bene t
192 Thoracic Surgery Gives Me Irreplaceable Satisfaction
198 Comprehensive Treatment for Esophageal Cancer Needs Further Advancement
201 Tubeless VATS’ Turning into Reality Bene ts Patients
205 Meeting all the Experts in the Name of Nanfang Hospital
208 The Controversies of Esophagus Cancer Treatment and My Experience
210 Better Future for Uniportal Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery
213 The Dif cult Endoscopic Tracheal Carina Surgery is not only a Highlight but also a Challenge
Chapter III: Global Vision: To see a world in a grain of sand
218 Mindset and Patience Mean a lot
220 Glasses-free 3D VATS to Thoracic Surgeons, a Liberation
222 It is Lucky to Do What You Really Like
224 Love the Technical Aspect of Surgery
226 Like the Technical Aspect of Being a Surgeon
228 VATS International Multi-center Project
229 Willing to Accept the Modest Concerns Raised by our Colleagues
231 Arti cial Intelligence is Awesome, Yet It Can Hardly Replace Human to Encourage or Comfort Patients
233 Uniportal Video-assisted Thoracic Surgery Has Become Increasingly Important
235 Thymoma Research Progress – Based on International Databases
237 Surgery can Better Bene t Our Patients
239 More attention should be paid to subgroup in the study of rare disease
241 Be a Doctor First and then a Surgeon
243 The Charm of Cardiothoracic Surgery Lies in Various and Constant Challenges
245 We are the Changer for the Better Way for Patients
247 Surgery Keeps You Active and Exciting
249 Fellowship Experience under Dr. Jiangxing He’s Group
250 American Experience of Electromagnetic Navigation
252 Not just Love the Uniprotal VATS Technique but More for the Bene t of Patients
254 PORT in completely resected thymoma—more observation is needed
256 If One More Chance, I Will Choose Surgery Again
258 What Role will Robotic-assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery Play?
260 The Role of Surgery for Esophageal Cancer in the Era of Multimodality Treatments
262 Focus on the Long-term Outcomes
264 I Want to do My Best for Lung Cancer Patients
266 Surgical Outcome of Thymic Carcinoma
268 My Experience in China as a Thoracic Surgeon
270 Views on Laparoscopic Thoracic Surgery
272 I’ve Always been Fascinated by Surgery
274 Build Shanghai Chest Hospital as an International Brand
279 Acknowledgements

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